Spritz Aperol

Now that it has gotten properly coat and glove wearingly cold, I of course put up a summer drink post. Not that this is necessarily a summer drink, but in my head I associate it with sitting in a sunny square in Venice . Aperol is basically a sweeter version of Campari, with the same weird alka seltzer after taste you grow to love. On my last visit, the weather was so obscenely hot that spritzes breaks tended to be scheduled every hour or two, particularly if in the vicinity of Campo Santa Margherita, where apparently the best one is made at the Red House. I have to admit I couldn’t discern a huge difference between this and the bar five doors down,but in the name of research I tried both.

Aperol also has been having a moment in London, where Norman Russell has apparently decided to play monopoly in Soho by setting up a restaurant on virtually every street, usually Venetian themed, one with a Campari bar and one with an Aperol bar. A fairly bold move given that Venice is a city known for the scarcity of decent restaurants, but one that seems to have paid off. It is from his Aperol bar at Da Polpo which I have stolen the following recipe, with the caveat that I seemed to notice most Venetian barmen using that spectacularly cheap sugary clear lemonade, which I tend to prefer.


3 parts Prosecco
2 parts Aperol
1 part soda, or Lemonade



Stir together with ice and lemon and serve


One thought on “Spritz Aperol

  1. Oooh, dangerous – but so good! šŸ˜‰ Well done for prising the recipe from Russell, too. As precious as gold dust…

    (BTW, have replied to your query re cobnuts on my blog – see the comments)

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