New York

I’m away on holidays in New York this week, so in lieu of a post, I give you some holiday photos. I’ll get around to the tips and reviews when I’m back home next week.

Brooklyn 2 004_phixr

Midtown Manhattan

Brooklyn 2 027_phixr

Bread with tomato, nori and mojama at the amazing La Vara in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

Brooklyn 2 021_phixr

The Chelsea Hotel. I’ve had Chelsea Hotel No.2 by Leonard Cohen stuck in my head ever since.

brooklyn 3 029_phixr

New York’s best lobster roll from the Red Hook Lobster Pound

brooklyn 3 003_phixr

Magnolias in Central Park

brooklyn 3 013_phixr

My local cheese shop in Williamsburg, which describes Reblochon as ‘remember when coke used to get you high instead of making you need to s***. Pair with Pinot.’. This was the least scandalous cheese description they had.

brooklyn 3 008_phixr

A couple got engaged in front of me in Central Park as I unsuccessfully tried to photograph the fountain beside them. Shortly after this he started running around waving his arms in the air screaming ‘she said yes’.

Brooklyn 2 011_phixr

Obscure documentary reference alert.

brooklyn 1 031_phixr

Rice at my local grocery store.

Brooklyn 2 001_phixr

Williamsburg Bridge from the East River Ferry.


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