Packed Lunches

I spent a year and a half working in Wimbledon. This is way less glamorous than it sounds. Sure, you spend two weeks a year bumping into Nadal in Waitrose and skipping Murray and the Williams sisters in the queue at the pub, but the rest of the year it is a quiet, suburban town that feels far further from London than it is. What this meant on a day to day basis was that lunch options involved Pret, Subway and a couple of supermarkets. Not the best. I swiftly turned to packed lunches to avoid the monotony of yet another bland couscous salad. Now that the weather has turned nice (theoretically anyway), and you spend most of your day staring at the sun out the window counting the minutes until lunch, here are some suggestions for packed lunches to sit in the sun with.

Chickpea, Lentil and Tahini Salad

steak and chickpeas 009_phixr

Prepare everything the night before, but don’t mix the dressing, feta or onions in until the morning. If you’re worried about onions at work, you can add in peppers. I once had a lecturer cancel a seminar because they had accidently eaten onion at lunch, and were worried this might offend us.

Incredibly Easy Bread with Beetroot Hummus or Baba Ghanoush

nov1 016_phixrdips may 2013 002_phixrapril2 001_phixr(1)

Why do people always make themselves such boring sandwiches? You can make lovely ones easily, like beetroot hummus and feta, or baba ghanoush and grilled vegetables.

Courgette Cakes with Tzatziki

june 2 003_phixr

If you can’t be bothered making the Tzatziki, you can buy some, or leave it out altogether, they are tasty by themselves.

Warm Green Lentil Salad with Lardons, Goats Cheese and Mustard

food 293

If you want to make this vegetarian, leave the lardons out and add in a whack of chopped fresh tarragon.

Red Pepper and Walnut Tabbouleh

tabbouleh 014_phixr


10 thoughts on “Packed Lunches

    • I know! The colour is so vivid it almost looks fake. You can see why women used beetroot when lipstick was rationed in World War II, the colour you can get from it is amazing! Thanks for stopping by.

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