Spotted by Locals – Dublin

Dublin Sept 022_phixr


When I started this blog in 2010, I planned on it being purely for recipes. I was living as a student in Leiden, a small city with expensive restaurants, and couldn’t really afford to get out much. A lot has changed over the last years again, and although I am now a student (of sorts) again, writing recommendations for nice places I’ve tried has become a part of the blog I really enjoy.

As a natural progression from that, I am now also writing for Spotted by Locals. Spotted by Locals is a great travel site with guides to a number of cities around the world, written by locals. It means you can avoid that annoyance that comes from seeking out a place recommended in a travel guide, only to find it has closed down because the guide is three years old! You can also download an app for each city with the guide.

I will be writing about my favourite places in Dublin, both culinary and otherwise. I’ll still be writing some reviews and recommendations up here, but for my full Dublin recommendations, you can find me on Spotted by Locals here.





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