K. Chido, Dublin

K Chido

Dublin hasn’t quite got on board the whole food truck scene that the US have been pioneering the past few years. Walking home at 2am on a visit to Williamsburg last year, the main street looked like some kind of festival, with truck after truck selling amazing food to the inebriated masses. There is no better way to lure me to a country than the prospect of a toasted cheddar and avocado sandwich on artisan sourdough at 2 in the morning. I was ready to apply for a greencard on that alone.

With that in mind, K Chido is probably one of the early steps in the direction of a food truck culture in Dublin, and if they’re all this good, I will be thrilled. Authentic Mexican food served out of a brightly coloured truck, currently located in a former cash and carry storage room beside the Four Courts. There are some brightly coloured pallet benches and tables, along with some heaters and cute mexican decor. Food ranges from 4-6 euros for tacos, quesadillas, burritos and fajitas.

K Chido Taco

The food tastes fresher and lighter than a lot of the Mexican food offered in Dublin’s ongoing burrito war. It is seriously messy stuff. I have never emerged from here without some visible food stain on my clothes, but maybe the more elegant among you might fare better. They offer a good selection of veggie options too. I’m a fan of both their tacos and their fajitas, which come with lots of thinly sliced beef, cheese, and juicy sauteed veg along with some gorgeous sauces. They have a really nice but very potent mango relish that I like to put on everything. The tacos are the proper soft corn kind, not the crispy things El Paso tried to lure us towards in the nineties and early noughties when we all discovered Mexican food.

On top of everything, the staff are lovely and friendly. When a friend managed to lose half of their taco filling to the floor, they brought her over replacement filling in a little dish. They also serve coffee, which I’m reliably informed is great. When my work takes me back to the Southside in a few months, I will definitely miss this place.

K. Chido, 13 Chancery Street, Dublin 7 (Open 8:30am-3pm)


7 thoughts on “K. Chido, Dublin

  1. I love the idea of food trucks and I’m obsessed with Andy Bates’ Street Feasts, especially the episodes in the US. Maybe the unpredictable weather here puts people off the idea? Would love to have one myself… I can dream!

  2. I cycle past this place every morning on my way to work, and my eye is always drawn to their funky coloured pallets and that food truck. I must venture back down the Luas line one day for lunch and try this place out. Soft tacos FTW!

    xx A

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